The village of Ano Pedina is centrally located in the Zagori, a vast area in the northwest of the mainland of Greece. It is located in the province of Epirus in the Ioannina area and is one of the most beautiful regions of the country. The Greek name “Epirus” stands for “mainland”, to distinguish it from the Ionian Islands to the Epirotische coast. Zagori means “the land beyond the mountains.”
The villages of Zagori are known for their protected and authentic style, the friendliness and hospitality of its inhabitants and the breath taking and heart warming nature. Located to the flanks of the Epirus Mountains they form an image of unparalleled beauty. Despite the brutal repression by Ali Pasha the Zagori was able to realize economic growth during the period of Turkish rule and created what you can still admire the day.

As part of the Epirusgebergte the Timfi mountains are in the middle of Zagoria. Here you can see snow capped peaks at almost 3000 meters. The Vikos Gorge, as a part of this, is considered by the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest gorge in the world. The gorge is only 1000 meters wide, but almost 1,000 meters deep too and provides fantastic views that go beyond all imagination. Here you can make your holiday as sporty as you want, if you like walking, tracking, rafting, horseback riding or swimming!

Only recently – in 1973 – the last Zagorian village was connected to the road network. In the old days one could only rely on transport by donkey, to which the many ‘mnemonics’ are still a witness.
Some of these bridges are more than 1,000 years old and truly spectacular to see.
Many monasteries were built during the Byzantine period to inaccessible places in the mountains, from which one often has magnificent views, as in the Vikos gorge from the monastery of Agia Pareskevi in Pefkos.

The Zagori is an untamed, yet accessible area with a welcoming population. Most of the Zagori region is a protected nature reserve, which lends itself to breath taking walks.
Mountain brooks are winding their way through the many gorges and sometimes they take a break in tranquil mountain lakes, where you can take a refreshing dip on hot days.

You will be surprised by the great diversity of flora and fauna, fields of wildflowers and unique orchids, as far as the eye can see. And what about the very shy European brown bear, who flees when he sees or smells your presence. Furthermore, you might meet other very exceptional and rare animals, such as the wolf and lynx. You will have a chance to see the Greek tortoise, reptiles, foxes, deer and all sorts of unique bird species. Lovers of butterflies can indulge in eye and eye out for example the rare king page, the dovetail and many other butterflies with fairytale colors.
All residents of the Zagori are happy to share this immense beauty with you.