Hike the deepest canyon in the world

HIKE THE DEEPEST CANYON IN THE WORLD IN ZAGORI, GREECE | Wandeling door de diepste kloof van de wereld!
Are you interested in exploring the unspoiled nature and in encountering a unique cultural heritage?

In this case visit Zagori which is part of Vikos-Aoos Geopark in North-Western Greece. We are organizing a 7-day trip (03th to 09th of October) under the guidance of the eco-guides Georgia and Paris. Every Thematic Hiking Route will be carried out through the interactive interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage of Zagori. You will stay in a beautiful and comfortable room of Porfyron Hotel and enjoy the local Greek slow food.

Price list:

Fixed Cost Per Person
Single room, pd/pp 700
Double room, seperate beds, pd/pp 570
Double room, one double bed, pd/pp 560
Triple room, separate beds, pd/pp 540
Quatrain room, separate beds, pd/pp 510

The 7-day programme includes:
– 6 nights including breakfast
– 6 dinners and 5 pick-nicks

– 1 day rafting

– 5 days of guided hiking with Georgia (geozagori.gr) and Paris (www.tsoukarossa.gr )
– 1 day felting with Lena (saitalenas.gr)

-Transfer of 2 day trips

–  Flight tickets
–  Car rental or transport from and to the airport
–  Insurance
–  Other excursions


Day 1-03/10 (arrival day)
We welcome you at Porfyron Guesthouse with a homemade complimentary drink and a locally produced snack. After you‘ve made yourselves comfortable we meet downstairs where we will give you a presentation introducing you to Zagori’s Nature and Culture. A foretaste of your next days’ wonders enabling you to commune with the environment!

Day 2-04/10
You will be transferred up to Vradeto village (1,300 m altitude), from where a mild thematic route on the lower alpine zone will bring you to the most spectacular view of the Vikos Canyon. From there and after a coffee break at the traditional café of Vradeto a downhill hike through the famous and best preserved Scala Vradetou (cobbled stone footpath) will bring you back at Kapesovo village.
Trekking Hours: 3
Elevation Gain: +300m
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Day 3 – 05/10
VIKOS CANYON – A Monument of Nature
Option 1: A seven hour hike from Monodendri to Vikos village through the Vikos Canyon and the Voidomatis’ springs. This thematic route which evolves in the heart of Unesco’s Geopark will give you the chance to hike the Deepest Canyon in the World and admire IN SITU the geological heritage of the area!
Trekking Hours: 7
Elevation Gain: +700m
Difficulty Level: Moderate/Strenuous

Option 2: For those who are not prepared to walk for seven hours an alternative three hour descending and ascending trail to Voidomatis springs and Vikos village is available. This thematic route reveals the complex karstic system of the Tymfi mountain range.
Trekking Hours: 3
Elevation Gain: +300m
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

Day 4-06/10
The terrain itself determines the basic form of infrastructures with local meterials (sandstone and limestone). Houses, huts, border walls, yards, cobbled roads, wells, country churches, church icon screens are some monuments these thematic day. We will explore the drystone heritage of Ano Pedina, Elafotopo and Kato Pedina villages. During afternoon we will have felt creative lesson to the flowered garden of Porfyron guesthouse.
Trekking Hours: 4
Elevation Gain: +300m
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

Day 5-07/10
Starting from Kokkoros bridge a three hour hike through the forest with mild uphills and downhills will give us the chance to visit the four most famous stone bridges: Kokkoris, Plakidas, Mylos and Kontodimos. This thematic hike will enlarge your knowledge of stone building and also give us a taste of the ‘’road network’’ of the past centuries. From there we move on to Koukouli and end up to the most picturesque village of Dilofo for lunch. A short hike down to Kokkoris bridge will help you digest and bring you back to where you started.
Trekking Hours: 4,5
Elevation Gain: +350m
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Day 6-08/10
A three hour rafting in the waters of one of the cleanest rivers in Europe will bring you closer and deeper to nature. During the rafting course you will have a short break to visit a monastery and enjoy a raki/wine and a small bite. Thereafter we will set off for a short scenic hike from Megalo to Mikro Papigo one of the best-kept traditional stone villages in Greece. The hike will take us through the Bistyries caves with their extraordinary colors which were inhabited in Neolithic times.
Rafting Hours: 2
Difficulty Level: Easy
Trekking Hours: 2
Elevation Gain: +250m
Difficulty Level: Easy

Day 7-09/10
Departure day

For more information and bookings: porfyron.hotel@gmail.com