Fresh trout (Pestrofa me dendrolivano)

Simple and pure

One fresh, cleaned and gutted rainbow or salmon trout per person

Rosemary sprigs

coarse sea salt


aluminium foil


Rinse the cavity of the fish and sprinkle with salt. Place a sprig of rosemary in the cavity. Butter a piece of aluminium foil and lay the fish on the foil. Place another small piece of butter on the fish, wrap the foil around the fish and seal well so that it cannot leak.

Place the fish packets on a medium- warm grill and grill the fish about 10 minutes on each side (larger fish may need a total of 30 min.), until done.

Instead of grilling, the fish can also be oven-baked.

Remove the fish from the foil, the skin usually sticks to the foil (otherwise, remove the skin). Serve immediately, with a potato salad and spinach or broccoli.